Reflecting on our journey is an incredible opportunity to recognise all the effort invested in ensuring that Scouting is practiced in a sustainable way. We've made significant strides, but our adventure continues 🏕️

Putting our planet first is central to Scouting. In a world facing a climate emergency and alarming temperature rises, rates of wildlife, floods and nature loss, Scouts have consistently demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and climate action. In all our individual and collective actions, our focus is always on protecting, preserving and restoring our planet. 
This page outlines our collective progress in sustainability and environmental awareness, celebrating our past and present accomplishments, recognising the importance of our collective efforts, and charting a course for a future where youth leaders continue to inspire, innovate, and lead within Scouting and their communities.

Our commitments to sustainability

Our climate impact strategy 

We have set the bold ambition of achieving climate neutrality in WOSM’s operations by the 46th World Scout Conference in 2033.

Explore WOSM's draft climate impact strategy, which sets key steps in our journey towards climate neutrality. 

Championing sustainability

We’re committed to sustainability and believe every action matters! 💜🌱

Read more about some of the ways that Scouting is promoting sustainability and minimising our environmental impact.


SCENES Centres

Leading the way in environmental stewardship, youth education, and leadership development since the 1990s, our internationally acclaimed centres empower individuals to engage with nature and take ownership for environmental protection.

Next Strategy for Scouting

The strategy places sustainability as a core focus. Read the latest draft to learn more about how we are addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable practices within the Scouting Movement.

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Take action!

National Scout Organizations can take action and get support WOSM towards reaching our shared environmental and sustainability goals!
Need inspiration? Here are some great ideas for your National Scout Organization to explore 

✅  Develop a sustainability policy: Outline specific sustainability goals and commitments.

✅  Perform a baseline environmental impact assessment: Assess your environmental impact, including CO2e emissions, water usage, and waste production.

✅  Implement sustainable venue practices: Choose venues with green certifications, energy efficiency, water-saving systems, and good accessibility.

✅  Promote sustainable transportation: Encourage the use of public transport, cycling, and walking among participants.

✅  Adopt sustainable catering practices: Focus on local, seasonal food sources, provide vegetarian options, and minimise food waste.

✅  Reduce, reuse, recycle: Implement waste management strategies focusing on recycling, composting, and minimising single-use materials.

✅  Engage and Educate Participants: Raise awareness about sustainability issues and encourage participants to contribute to the event's sustainability efforts.

✅  Plan for Carbon Offsetting: For unavoidable emissions, invest in carbon offsetting projects to achieve a lower net environmental impact.

Strengthening WOSM’s Environmental Sustainability

A 2021 Conference Resolution on Strengthening WOSM’s Environmental Sustainability underlined the importance of changing the way we operate to protect our planet. The resolution explicitly called on the World Scout Committee and World Scout Bureau to prioritise environmental sustainability and strive for climate neutrality in the development of the next Strategy for Scouting. 

Timeline (1970 - present)

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