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As local communities become increasingly diverse, it is crucial that we understand, respect, and value individual differences. Reflecting this, Scouting must be equipped to meet current and future needs and aspirations of its youth members and adults to ensure that they continue to feel welcome and engaged. Use this Service to improve your National Scout Organization’s policies, programmes, and strategies so that Scouting in your country is open and accessible, better reflects its various communities, and actively includes all young people and adults.

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alt Develop or review a diversity and inclusion strategy for your National Scout Organization.

Request training on topics related to diversity and inclusion.

alt Request training on Scouts for gender equality.


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Diversity and Inclusion

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Service testimonial:

When we started developing a diversity and inclusion policy for Venezuela and requested a service for support, I realised that we had a really great global force and that we were not only alone. As a result of this experience, I am motivated to carry out other activities, such as online courses on this topic and others. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this growth and to meet wonderful, professional people who want a more inclusive world” - Yaneth Benites, Member of the National Diversity and Inclusion Team at Scouts of Venezuela.


Consultant shoutout

Claude Frantzen from the European Region for bringing strategic perspectives to a National Scout Organization’s policymaking processes, and creating a safe training journey for 20 NSOs by identifying unique needs and different consultancy styles.


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Diversity and Inclusion