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Adult volunteers are the backbone of the Scout movement. Their dedication and commitment enables millions of young people worldwide to experience Scouting and play a constructive role in their communities.

Ensuring the adequate recruitment, development, and next steps — known as the Adults in Scouting lifecycle — supports the quality of Youth Programmes and other critical areas for National Scout Organizations. The Adults in Scouting service and WOSM consultants can help improve the management of volunteers, and develop teams, mechanisms, and processes to reach any Adults in Scouting goal.


Popular service requests



  Create or review a National Adults in Scouting policy


  Implement the Wood Badge framework (Better Volunteer Management)

alt   Assess the implementation of a National Adults in Scouting policy


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Service testimonial:

“Scout leaders are better informed on Adults in Scouting policy. The training helped me understand how to manage leaders in the field by understanding the adult volunteer life cycle better"

- Yonten Norbu about attending the Adults in Scouting Consultative Meeting of Bhutan Scouts Association


Consultant shoutout

Amir Cheema from Europe for excellent attendance at consultancy-related events and for contributing greatly to scouting activities


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