Youth leadership


Reflecting on our journey is an incredible opportunity to recognise all the young people getting involved and taking on leadership within Scouting. We've made significant strides, but our adventure continues 🏕️

As we explore the future of youth engagement, we carry a profound desire to achieve even more. Our goal is not merely to engage youth, but to empower them as leaders, guiding World Scouting towards new horizons. It's about embracing youth leadership and supporting the mutual exchange of intergenerational knowledge.

Let’s celebrate past accomplishments, recognise the importance of our present efforts, and chart a course for a future where youth leaders continue to inspire, innovate, and lead within Scouting and their communities.

What is youth leadership? 

Youth Leadership, as part of the youth development process, is a sustained and long term practice through which young people in Scouting acquire competences and agency to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and steer their own lives, to lead others in a course of action, to positively influence and implement changes on the institutions and communities to which they belong.

Our youth engagement service provides resources to help your National Scout Organization adapt its youth programme and decision-making structures to strengthen intergenerational dialogue between young people and adults.

Championing youth leadership

In the ever-evolving landscape of World Scouting, our commitment to fostering youth leadership is unwavering. We recognise that the barriers to youth engagement are not insurmountable obstacles but rather challenges we must face head-on. Our belief is simple yet powerful: age should never be a determinant of potential, and it's high time we embrace a mindset of intergenerational leadership within World Scouting. ⚜️💜

In the following sections, we outline our comprehensive approach to overcoming these barriers and amplifying youth leadership in Scouting. The actions outlined are not exhaustive but represent our plans as we head into a new triennium and act to inspire National Scout Organizations to join the efforts.


Take action!

National Scout Organizations are called to join the efforts on championing youth leadership in Scouting and support is available through the WOSM Services. Get inspired by some of the ideas on this page 👉

✔️ Nominate young people to leadership positions

✔️ Help change the narrative

✔️ Tell the stories of young leaders

✔️ Offer capacity building opportunities

✔️ Encourage attendance to World Scouting’s capacity building offerings

✔️ Use qualitative measures to assess youth leadership

✔️ Promote opportunities

✔️ Design or review your National Youth Involvement Policy

✔️ Incorporate youth leadership in your Adult Training System 

Youth leadership in the World Scout Committee

At the heart of the World Scout Committee's mission is a commitment to sustainable and meaningful youth leadership in decision-making. We recognise that in order to truly embrace the potential of young leaders, we must put measures in place and diligently monitor their effectiveness. Our goal is not just to have young voices at the table but to ensure their voices resonate powerfully in shaping the future of World Scouting.

In the sections that follow, we will outline the concrete steps we are taking to cultivate youth leadership within the World Scout Committee and our efforts to track and enhance their impact. National Scout Organizations have a role to play in this success through the actions they can take and the responsibility they hold to make the vision on youth leadership in the World Scout Committee a reality. ​​


Take action

National Scout Organizations are called to join the efforts on ensuring youth leadership in the World Scout Committee and support is available through the WOSM Services. Get inspired by some of the ideas on this page 👉

✔️ Cultivate the mindset on youth leadership

✔️ Support young people to get involved

✔️ Nominate young people to the World Scout Committee

✔️ Support procedural adaptions to the nomination process

✔️ Encourage mentorship and learning

✔️ Take responsibility on monitoring youth leadership

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Decision of the World Scout Committee

In October 2023, the World Scout Committee communicated its approval of a series of actions aimed at enhancing youth engagement in decision-making and to implement additional measures to strengthen youth engagement in the World Scout Committee. A comprehensive report detailing these decisions, along with input from consultations, can be found in the WSC's Youth Engagement in Decision-Making report. 🗳️📚

With all of the approved actions and additional measures, the WSC has now decided to discontinue the World Youth Advisor System as of the 2024-2027 Triennium.

Read the report

Have questions?

Our detailed questions and answers address more concrete information of the decision of the World Scout Committee on youth engagement in decision-making and what this means for National Scout Organizations.

Evolution of youth leadership in decision-making

The journey of youth engagement in World Scouting has been one of continuous evolution, driven by the shared belief that young people hold the key to our Movement's vitality and future as the world’s leading educational youth Movement. Over the decades, we have progressed from the concept of youth participation to the broader, more empowering and meaningful realm of youth engagement in decision-making. Extensive research and consultation along this journey has engaged leadership of National Scout Organizations and young people, shaping the decisions and future of the Movement. 🚀

Timeline (1969 - present)