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Safe from Harm ensures that every person involved in Scouting, especially children and young people, feels safe anywhere and at all times. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the protection of young people and adults, so use this Service to find guidelines, procedures, educational tools, recommendations and best practices to turn Safe from Harm into a reality inside and outside the Movement.

Use this Service to learn how to build environments that foster healthy and self-fulfilling personal development, improve national policies on Safe from Harm and implement them at your National Scout Organization.


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Develop or review a national Safe from Harm policy


Develop Safe from Harm training or training modules for Adults in Scouting 

alt Support the implementation of a national Safe from Harm policy


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Discover how NSOs and WOSM are putting safety first

Our Movement is all about helping young people thrive, so ensuring their safety and well-being is our number one priority. Watch the video below to learn how WOSM promotes safeguarding in communities everywhere and how you can play a role in it 💜

Watch the video in French, Arabic and Spanish.

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☑️ Why should NSOs do a Safe from Harm assessment?

☑️ How does it work?

☑️ What happens with the assessment results?

Safe from Harm self-assessment

Our brand new digital tool allows you to take the self-assessment online and receive a customised report on the spot! Request it today to identify your NSO's areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in Safe from Harm.

Safe from Harm WOSM Assessment

Request a Safe from Harm assessment done by a WOSM Assessor and a Safe from Harm consultant to have a full overview of your status towards WOSM Safe from Harm standards.

Consultant shoutout

 Ekbert Yong Yen Loong
from the Asia-Pacific Region

for being a reliable and dependable consultant - his contribution is of quality and he never hesitates to volunteer when time allows.


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