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Strengthening your NSO starts by assessing it against a quality standard and continuously measuring progress. We call this an NSO’s health check.

WOSM’s Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT) lets NSOs assess their capacity against international best practices in good governance and quality Scouting. With this global benchmarking tool, NSOs can identify their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as measure ongoing progress across various dimensions, such as Good Governance, Strategic Framework, Adults In Scouting, Youth Programme, Growth enabling WOSM to provide targeted support based on specific needs.

There are 2 types of GSAT Assessments:

📊 A self-assessment which NSO members can do by themselves at any time;

📊 A WOSM Assessment, where NSOs can request that a WOSM Consultant, who is a certified Assessor, conducts the assessment together with the NSO.

Scroll down to learn more about both types of GSAT Assessments and how they work.

GSAT 3.0 is launching this week. Stay Tuned.

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Service testimonial:

“We share the many benefits our GSAT audit has had, including insight on new strategies needed for membership diversification”

- Dr Hamad Al-Yahya, International Commissioner on conducting a GSAT Assessment for the Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association

Consultant shoutout

Eric Lam from Asia-Pacific Region 
for displaying excellent diligence in delivering WOSM Services and for contributing greatly to scouting activities


Learn more about the GSAT standard - 

WOSM's Capacity Strengthening Tool and request support now
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Is your National Scout Organization ready to take a first look at the way it works internally?

The GSAT self-assessment gives you the opportunity to self-evaluate your performance in line with international best practices before asking your regional support centre to conduct a second party assessment. The self-evaluation gives you the time to become acquainted with GSAT and adequately prepare for each step, resulting in a higher chance of certification in the second party assessment. 

Watch the demo to see how a self-assessment is completed and what it entails.

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WOSM Assessment

Quality Scouting starts with GSAT

If your National Scout Organization is ready to take a closer look at its operations, we offer support to assess your organisation’s capacity through an internal WOSM assessment conducted by a certified consultant.

Below you will find all the resources that will help you understand the GSAT standard and go over how the process is done.   

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