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Welcome to the page of the European Scout Region! Here, you will find a wealth of information and resources to support and enhance your Scouting experience. 

  • Stay up-to-date with our upcoming events, where Scouts from all across Europe can gather to share skills, forge friendships, and create unforgettable memories. 
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  • Explore our comprehensive Regional Scout Plan, providing a roadmap for our collective vision and goals. 
  • Delve into the Operational Framework 2022-2025, outlining the strategies and implementation that underpin our activities and initiatives. 

We also have a range of useful resources and links to enhance your Scouting journey. Whether you're an International Commissioner, a board member, or an avid supporter, our page serves as your gateway to a vibrant and thriving Scouting community in Europe.

Europe Annual Report

The European Scout Region Annual Report 2022-2023 highlights stories and achievements from across the Region from 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023. Read the full report to learn how we are creating a lasting impact and working towards the end of the Triennium 2019-2022.

Operational Framework

The European Scout Committee designated an Operational Framework comprised by teams who implement the plan and established key performance indicators and action plans.

Regional Scout Plan

The Regional Scout Plan 2022-2025, titled "Strong, Innovative, Green," is a strategic document for the European Scout Region. It aligns with the Scouting mission and aims to contribute to the World Triennial Plan. The plan focuses on enhancing organisational resilience, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding children and youth. It also addresses the climate crisis by developing a sustainability strategy, seeks to expand partnerships, and emphasises increasing youth engagement within Scouting at all levels.

European Events

Our calendar in one glance, keeps you informed and engaged with networking activities, educational seminars, and more.

Funding Opportunities

Explore our curated list of institutions offering funding opportunities to European organisations, facilitating access to resources for growth and innovation.


Explore essential Regional documents:

📚 Constitution of the European Scout Region: foundational principles that guide our region's operations.

📚 ESC Team Charter 2022-2025: strategic roadmap outlining our vision, goals, and commitments for the next three years.

📚 ERO Statutes: governing rules and regulations that shape the European Regional Office's functioning.

📚 ESC Standing: vital operational guidelines and procedures that facilitate smooth regional activities.

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