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Scouting is a Movement of young people, supported by adults, who work together to achieve its mission and vision. World Scouting aims to support National Scout Organizations achieve greater youth engagement across all levels of its organization - from units to the national leadership.

This service area provides resources needed to review and adapt your National Scout Organization’s youth programme and its decision-making structures to strengthen intergenerational dialogue between young people and adults, and ensure greater youth engagement at all levels.

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  Review and/or develop a National Youth Involvement Policy


  Develop a Leadership training programme

alt   Plan and implement a National Scout Youth Forum


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Service testimonial

“The International Leadership Training was an eye opener and an inspiration that allowed me to complete some of the projects that I had started using the skills I learnt in the training. It will also help me improve my leadership skills. I have also been able to make new friends and expand my network”

- Ayni Aynalem Getie Gismie on attending the International Leadership Training

Consultant shoutout

Iliene Corsen from the Interamerica Scout Region
for providing quality services and always being willing to propose new ways of working, interacting, and collaborating


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