Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT)




Strengthening your National Scout Organization (NSO) starts by assessing it against a quality standard and continuously measuring progress. We call this an NSO’s "health check".

WOSM’s Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT) enables NSOs to assess their capacity against international best practices in good governance and quality Scouting. With this global benchmarking tool, NSOs can identify their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as measure ongoing progress across various dimensions, such as good governance, strategic framework, adults In Scouting, youth programme, and growth, enabling WOSM to provide targeted support based on specific needs.

There are two types of GSAT Assessments:

📊 Self-Assessment - NSOs can evaluate the current state of their organisation at any time.

📊 WOSM Assessment - Provides an NSO with an external perspective of their operations across all ten GSAT dimensions.

Quality Scouting starts with GSAT. Scroll down to learn more ⬇️ ⬇️

Request a WOSM Assessment
Only International Commissioners and officially appointed NSO contacts can request WOSM Services

Empower Your NSO with the new GSAT 3.0

GSAT has always been our guide, helping NSOs improve and achieve excellence in Quality Scouting. Now, with GSAT 3.0, we're entering an exciting era, taking Scouting to the next level.

Unlock Scouting excellence 🌟

Take Scouting to new heights with GSAT 3.0, World Scouting’s capacity strengthening tool for NSOs. Here are five reasons why you should check it out:

Amplify youth voices: Ensures that 40% of young people have a say in NSOs at all levels, from National Boards to local committees.

🤝 Greater youth empowerment: Emphasises youth involvement in decision-making with practical mechanisms and tools that amplify their voices and concerns.

🌱 Champion sustainability: Encourages NSOs to adopt eco-friendly practices and host sustainable events.

🛡️ Safety first: Puts safety front and centre by outlining essential practices for the well-being of all members.

🚀 Drive growth: Encourages NSOs to have a dedicated lead or team in place to propel growth initiatives.

Assessment guidelines

Learn how to complete a Self-Assessment and WOSM Assessment, covering everything from recommended processes, to explaining scoring methods and next steps.

Scoring template

NSOs can use this scoring template to capture their scores when completing a Self-Assessment in GSAT.

10 GSAT dimensions

Use our one-page resource for a quick overview of the ten dimensions of GSAT.

Consultant shoutout

Eric Mwenda Gitonga
from the Africa Scout Region

for his consistent availability and dedication to support various NSOs simultaneously.


Request a WOSM Assessment

We offer support to NSOs that want take a closer look at their operations and assess their capacity with WOSM Assessment, conducted by a certified consultant.

Take the self-assessment

The Self-Assessment enables your organisation to evaluate its own performance in line with international best practices. This gives NSOs the opportunity to familiarise themselves with GSAT and prepare for the next step - the WOSM Assessment. 


Key resources 

Check out some key resources to support NSOs in completing a self or a WOSM Assessment  👇👇


GSAT WOSM Assessment - Information Package

How to complete the GSAT self-assessment using the digital tool

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