More than 60 representatives from National Scout Organizations and WOSM structures met in Pforzheim, Germany from 19 to 21 May 2023 for a collaborative workshop to develop a first draft of the next Vision and Strategy for Scouting. The strategy will serve as WOSM's guiding compass for the next decade, providing a clear direction of travel and detailing the aspirations, dreams, and ambitions of the Scout Movement, along with the desired impact it aims to have in the world.

The workshop in Pforzheim followed an extensive research phase that included an external analysis (including a review of existing academic and governmental research), as well as an internal analysis with over 15 focus groups (involving young people and local Adults in Scouting). The research is supported by a global conversation on future trends with young people from over 150 countries and territories through YouthTalks

During the workshop, participants built on the research findings to reach a shared understanding of Scouting's current and future context. They evaluated the successes and lessons learned from implementing Vision 2023. Through collaborative work, participants expressed the desired impact Scouting should have on the world in the coming decade and identified the necessary changes within the Movement to achieve this goal while maintaining Scouting's Mission.

The workshop concluded with a reflection on how ongoing efforts to refresh WOSM's brand can support the new strategy. Additionally, discussions focused on strengthening the implementation of the strategy throughout the Movement, encompassing both WOSM and its 173 Member Organizations worldwide.

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WOSM’s current Strategy for Scouting (“Vision 2023”) has acted as the Scout Movement’s strategic compass since 2014. In line with Resolution 2021-03, the World Scout Committee has endorsed a participatory process through which all stakeholders from within the Scout Movement can contribute and share their thoughts and reflections into the Strategy’s development. In addition, specific care has been given in the process to also involve external stakeholders, such as WOSM’s partners, into the process to ensure that the new Strategy speaks to a global audience.

Following an initial review by the World Scout Committee in June, the draft strategy developed during the workshop will undergo a validation process. This process will involve all National Scout Organizations and WOSM stakeholders to contribute their feedback, suggestions, and enhancements to the draft. By the end of 2023, once this validation phase is completed, the final draft will enter a formal approval process with the goal of being adopted at the 43rd World Scout Conference in August 2024. More information and updates are available on, as well through WOSM’s new members communityTreehouse

WOSM wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to Mr. Siegfried Weiser, Board Member and past Chairperson of the World Scout Foundation, who graciously hosted the meeting at his hotel premises in Pforzheim.


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