Who are WOSM Consultants?

WOSM Consultants are volunteers from National Scout Organizations who bring specialist skills and experience in one or more of WOSM's 12 service areas. They are passionate about our amazing Movement and are dedicated to building the capacity of Scout Organizations and ensuring that all young people can benefit from everything that Scouting has to offer.

Consultants reflect our diverse and inclusive Movement by representing a variety of ages, genders, and backgrounds in all of WOSM's Regions. Many have been involved in Scouting since childhood, while others joined the Movement as adults, but all are ready and excited to bring new perspectives, ideas, and great energy to the Movement!

What does a WOSM Consultant do?

Our Consultants have delivered thousands of hours of support to more than 80% of WOSM’s Member Organisations.

When an National Scout Organization requests for a WOSM Service, a consultant is allocated based on their expertise and the nature of the request. They then work with the leadership of that organisation to ensure meaningful change long after a service has been completed.

Consultants carry out a range of activities when working with Member Organisations, including bringing and sharing outside perspectives, and developing policies, programmes, and change activities.

Our Consultants have training, consultancy, and coaching skills, enabling them to provide the best support possible to National Scout Organizations and build capacity by facilitating and empowering individuals and teams.

Reflecting the quality of services provided, National Scout Organizations that have received a WOSM Service consistently give a score of more than nine out of ten when asked how likely they would be to recommend a WOSM Service.

How do you become a WOSM consultant?


All WOSM Consultants are recruited through open calls. Before being selected, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient expertise in a service area. After the initial selection process, each applicant must complete a thorough training and certification process, which includes e-learning, in-person consultancy skills training, and online service skills training sessions to ensure consistent, quality knowledge across the team.

To stay updated with new developments in their service area, they must also take part in regular online events to enhance their skills, peer support sessions, and knowledge sharing. While individual consultants have access to mentoring and coaching by staff and volunteers, the team as a whole is supported by regional teams, leads for each services from the Global Support Centre and the Global Consultants Support Group, a team of volunteers and staff who organise and provide training, coaching and general support in the consultancy skills area to consultants. 

Get to know the WOSM Consultants!

Meet some of our amazing WOSM Consultants:                                                                                                                                                                          

Amir Cheema

Amir Cheema from Europe for excellent attendance at consultancy-related events and for significant contributions to Scouting activities.

Mercy Banda

Mercy MC Banda from the Africa Region for her professionalism in delivering services and high satisfaction rates from National Scout Organizations.

Efraim Acosta

Efraim Acosta from the Interamerica Region for providing extensive support in developing Earth Tribe reference materials and in numerous services that aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.