All Member Organizations are required to complete a Safe from Harm Self-Assessment every two years to assess their safeguarding structures, policies, and procedures, and identify areas for improvement. National Scout Organizations (NSOs) can reference Circular GLB-C01-2023, which outlines these new Safe from Harm requirements for WOSM membership (WOSM Constitution Article V.5.e), as approved by the 2021 World Scout Conference.

As this is the first year that we are implementing this requirement, all Member Organizations are required to submit their Safe from Harm Self-Assessment no later than 1 October 2023. Member Organizations that are Federations are required to ensure all their constituent associations (NSAs) comply by the same date with this membership requirement.

We are also pleased to introduce a new digital tool to enhance the process for NSOs to submit their Safe from Harm Self-Assessment online and download their assessment report. Collecting the data in one space will allow the World Scout Bureau to provide better support to NSOs to addressing areas for improvement to create a safer environment within Scouting.  

Each organisation will be sent a direct link to complete their Safe from Harm Self-Assessment through this new digital tool. Alternatively, they can request a unique URL using an online form that can be found on Treehouse. Guidance on how to use the new tool to submit scores and comments for a Safe from Harm Self-Assessment can be found here.  

Further support in preparing your organisation for and conducting this important self-assessment can be found in the Safe from Harm Self-Assessment guidelines and criteria. Organisations can visit the Safe from Harm Service page or request a service for additional support in this area. If you have any questions, please contact Pauline Grangette, Manager, Child Protection and Safeguarding with the World Scout Bureau by email at

Yours in Scouting, 


Ahmad Alhendawi 
Secretary General 
World Organization of the Scout Movement