In alignment with the Rules of Procedure for the 43rd World Scout Conference, we would like to notify all Member Organizations of the status of existing voting members of the World Scout Committee, and call for nominations of candidates for election or re-election.  

The following voting members of the World Scout Committee are currently in their second term of office and are NOT eligible for re-election at the 43rd World Scout Conference. 

  • Edward Andrew “Andy” Chapman, United States of America 

  • Sarah Rita Kattan, Lebanon 

  • Jo Deman, Belgium 

  • Mehdi Ben Khelil, Tunisia 

  • Pia Melin Graasbøll, Denmark 

  • Juan Reig, Spain 

The remaining voting members of the World Scout Committee ARE eligible for re-election. Anyone wishing to stand for re-election must be re-nominated by a Member Organization following the same process as new candidates. 

  • Mori Chi-Kin Cheng, Hong Kong 

  • Wayne Adrian Davis, Ethiopia 

  • Nika Gorovska, Ukraine 

  • Eun Gui Kim, Republic of Korea 

  • Daiana Neil, Argentina 

  • Christine “Chrissy” Pollithy, Germany 

Elections will be held at the 43rd World Scout Conference in August 2024 to fill the resulting 12 vacancies of voting members of the World Scout Committee for the period until the 44th World Scout Conference in 2027.

In accordance with Resolution 2021-07, the World Scout Committee has taken steps to strengthen youth leadership in decision-making. Member Organizations also have a key role to play in this. To this end, a series of actions and measures have been established. Specifically, training is offered to potential candidates, aimed at equipping them with essential knowledge of the duties and expectations of serving as a member of the World Scout Committee. The objective is to inspire and motivate these candidates to confidently pursue this leadership opportunity. The nomination process, outlined in the Conference Rules of Procedure (rule 7.2), also gives Member Organizations an opportunity to have a diverse candidate pool. As a consequence of these actions, the World Scout Committee decided to discontinue the World Youth Advisor System as of the 2024-2027 triennium. All current World Youth Advisors will step down at the close of the 43rd World Scout Conference. 

Member Organizations interested to nominate a candidate for election as a voting member of the World Scout Committee should carefully review all considerations of candidates and guidance for submitting the nomination package found on Completed nomination packages must be sent in digital format only to [email protected] by no later than 23:59 UTC on 17 May 2024.  

The World Scout Bureau will send a confirmation of receipt for all nominations received. A Conference Document providing the candidate overviews will be communicated to all Member Organizations by no later than 17 July 2024. 

Should you have any further questions regarding the process for the nomination of candidates to the World Scout Committee, please contact Milly Siebrits, Senior Manager for Governance & Board Relations, or email us at [email protected].  

Yours in Scouting,   


Ahmad Alhendawi  
Secretary General   
World Organization of the Scout Movement