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The Youth Programme is at the heart of Scouting. A high-quality, engaging and contemporary programme gives NSOs the means to sustain and grow their membership, as well as to motivate and inspire their adult volunteers. This is why it is so important to ensure the Youth Programmes of our NSOs worldwide meet the needs of young people in their local contexts and offer them opportunities to develop and grow as global active citizens.

In this service, you will find guidance and tools to support your NSO’s ongoing approach and motivation to design, review and continue to improve its educational offer: a well-designed, relevant and up-to-date Youth Programme.

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  Design or review our National Youth Programme Policy


  Review our National Youth Programme

alt   Develop educational materials for youth


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3 Apr '24 - 7 Apr '24

Consultant shoutout

Louise Maita Madelon
from the Africa Scout Region

for possessing sound competencies in the area of Youth Programme and for being a great listener and organiser. She is great in facilitating the steps in Youth Programme development and keen in supporting NSOs to review their national youth programme policies.