Circular No. GLB-C13-2022

Dear friends,

After ten years of working towards achieving Vision 2023, our current Strategy for Scouting will conclude at the 43rd World Scout Conference in 2024. The Strategy for Scouting defines our Movement’s long-term ambitions and direction by outlining essential areas that Scouting must focus on to continue to be relevant, increase our impact, and grow our Movement.

In line with Resolution 2021-03, the World Scout Committee has assigned a Strategy Group to coordinate the development of the next version of the Strategy for Scouting, which through different phases will lead to a proposal for consideration at the 2024 Conference.

The first step of this process is the research phase, which will run between now and early 2023. The research phase will allow WOSM to gather and analyse relevant data, both within and outside of Scouting, to better understand the status of our Movement. It will also capture new trends, needs and challenges facing young people, as well as our global society, today and in the future. Through surveys, focus groups and academic analysis, this research will provide a solid foundation to develop our new Vision and our next Strategy for Scouting.

This research phase will be led by a team of volunteers and staff, and to support this work, World Scouting is looking for:

  • Researchers, endorsed by their respective National Scout Organizations (NSOs), who are willing to contribute as volunteers in the research phase.
  • Research staff from NSO national teams who are willing and able to contribute some of their staff time to the research phase.

Through this project, participating individuals will gain experience in a global collaborative research effort, which will help shape the future direction of the Scout Movement and inform the development of our next Strategy for Scouting.

If your NSO is interested in learning more and willing to nominate experienced researchers who are either staff or volunteers from your NSO, please contact the Strategy Group staff support, Pauline Grangette, at by 31 July 2022.

Yours in Scouting,


Ahmad Alhendawi

Secretary General

World Organization of the Scout Movement