To facilitate the handling of business, the World Scout Conference operates under an agreed Rules of Procedure. In accordance with Article XII.5 of the WOSM Constitution, the Rules of Procedure must be recorded and adopted by the Conference. 

The proposed 2024 Conference Rules of Procedure (RoP) have been endorsed by the World Scout Committee (WSC) during their September meeting. The documents are now available on the Conference website for NSOs to review. As announced in ScoutPak earlier this month, a webinar on the RoP proposal will be held on 12:00 UTC on 29 October 2023, for which you can still register through this link

The proposed RoP builds on best practices of the 2017 and 2021 Conferences and includes a series of minor improvements and clarifications to existing processes. In line with the requests outlined in Resolution 2021-06 and 2021-07 to strengthen youth leadership in decision-making, the WSC is also putting forward procedural changes to strengthen youth participation in NSO delegations, as well as a measure to enhance the diversity of the candidate pool running for election to the WSC. Efforts were also undertaken to enhance readability and “user-friendliness” of the documents.

In the course of November 2023, an electronic referendum will be launched in line with Article XI.4 of the WOSM Constitution, where Member Organisations will be invited through a vote to approve the proposed Rules of Procedure.

Should you have any further questions pertaining to this matter, do not hesitate to contact Linda Rainbow, Manager, Knowledge Management,

Yours in Scouting, 


Ahmad Alhendawi 
Secretary General 
World Organization of the Scout Movement 



  1. Proposed Rules of Procedure
  2. Proposal WSC nomination process
  3. Proposed Terms of Reference of the Resolutions Committee
  4. Draft Resolutions & Amendment Guidelines