The World Scout Committee (WSC) met in Cairo, Egypt from 30 September to 2 October for its third business meeting of the 2021-2024 triennium. The meeting was an opportunity to reconvene in-person at the newly-renovated Arab Regional Support Centre and welcome recently elected European and African Regional Committee Chairpersons into the WSC. 

The business part of the WSC meeting began with a report from WOSM’s Secretary General that covered the period from April to September 2022 and summarised the achievements highlighted in the latest biannual report. The Secretary General’s report featured updates on the following topics:

  • A return to Scouting through in-person activities and events, alongside the successful delivery of Regional Scout Conferences in Europe and Africa, which brought National Scout Organization (NSO) leadership together for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Progress on the delivery of the 2021-2024 World Triennial Plan, including ongoing work on 37 projects involving staff and volunteers to support NSOs across a variety of strategic priorities. 
  • The delivery of WOSM Services across Regions, including 110 requests in the past period, their promotion during Regional Conferences, upgrades to the WOSM Services platform, and an open call to expand service delivery through the recruitment and training of 100 new WOSM Consultants. 
  • Ongoing development of WOSM’s educational initiatives and support offered to NSOs for implementation, including plans to digitise educational content into an upgraded Scouts for SDGs hub, and for promotion during upcoming World Scout Events. 
  • Grants provided to NSOs that have funded 36 new projects and invested nearly $1.4 million USD this year into regional, national, and community actions that are promoting peace, equality, and sustainability, as well as capacity strengthening projects in NSOs.
  • An event to celebrate the past ten years of the Messengers of Peace initiative, award new Messengers of Peace Heroes, and recognise the milestone of 2.7 billion hours of community service contributed towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Our focus on sustainability through the Earth Tribe educational programme, environmental advocacy efforts, new World Scout Events standards for environmental sustainability, and a Task Force working to develop a climate impact strategy for the Movement.
  • Timely support provided to NSOs for humanitarian action and funds raised through the Scout Donation Platform for Scout projects and humanitarian response. This includes over $700,000 USD from 2,500 donors to coordinate relief efforts in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. 
  • Updates on communications and digital transformation, including the launch of a new website, creation of a new network of Scouting influencers, and enhanced storytelling through social media, video content, and digital marketing. 
  • Ongoing partnership and advocacy efforts involving WOSM’sYouth Representatives in events including the High-level Political Forum, Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, UN General Assembly, and Transforming Education Summit, as well as a new open call for Youth Representatives.
  • Update on the “Future of Work” - a set of 13 projects within the World Scout Bureau to continue innovating human resources and management practices and policies building on the learnings of the pandemic, including hybrid working, staff on-boarding, volunteering opportunities, and technology upgrades to Support Centres.



The first day of the WSC meeting concluded by meeting the Arab Regional Scout Committee and getting updates on progress in the Arab Region over the past period and preparations for the upcoming Arab Regional Scout Conference. The day wrapped up with a visit to the 43rd World Scout Conference venue in Cairo with the Host of the event, the Egyptian Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides.

The WSC also received briefings from the Regions and World Scout Foundation, and took decisions on a range of other topics, including:  

  • The approval of WOSM’s 2022-2023 budget following an in-depth review of the financial outlook for the organization and a discussion on measures to continue to strengthen strategic and conservative budget management. The WSC also recognised Mr. Joseph Lau for the completion of his six-year service as WSC Treasurer, and appointed Mr. Chay Hong Leng of Singapore as the new WSC Treasurer.
  • A report on the growth of the Scout Movement, and the progress of several Scout Associations towards becoming members of WOSM, noting the ongoing final steps of the membership application process of Antigua and Barbuda. 
  • A briefing from the Contact Group tasked - at the request of the Eurasia Scout Committee - with analysing the future viability of the Eurasia Scout Region following consultations with NSOs, the Regional Scout Committee, as well as young people and Adult Leaders in the Region. The WSC discussed the path forward and re-emphasised the primary objective for WOSM support structures to nurture and strengthen Scouting at the grassroots level. More details will be provided in a circular later in October with a decision by the WSC on next steps anticipated in March 2023.
  • A workshop to review efforts to bring all 172 NSOs into compliance with WOSM’s membership requirements for Safe from Harm through a new annual reporting mechanism, support, and assessment tools that measures progress towards compliance for child and youth safeguarding.
  • Updates from Task Forces on Sustainability and Youth Engagement in Decision-Making regarding progress on the development of a new climate impact strategy for the Movement, as well as work on strengthening youth involvement in WOSM’s structures and decision-making bodies.
  • A progress report from the Strategy Group working on the development of a new Strategy for Scouting to succeed Vision 2023, including forthcoming research, focus groups involving NSO leadership, WOSM volunteers, local leaders and partners, as well as launching a global conversation with young people in partnership with the Higher Education for Good Foundation.
  • The implementation of the World Scout Foundation’s new resource mobilisation strategy and the joint efforts with WOSM to identify opportunities to raise additional funds for Scouting, including the anticipated renewal of the Messengers of Peace grant.
  • A review of WOSM’s risk register, reflecting on the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on WOSM and its Member Organizations, geopolitical instability in the Eurasia Region, and compliance by NSOs with Safe from Harm membership requirements. 
  • Updates on upcoming World Scout Events, including the programme for this year’s JOTA-JOTI and ongoing preparations by the Hosts for the 25th World Scout Jamboree (Republic of Korea) and 43rd World Scout Conference (Egypt). The WSC approved the guiding principles for a new format for the Conference event scheduled to take place in Cairo, Egypt from 17 to 23 August 2024, and noted progress on the concept for the 4th World Scout Education Congress scheduled to take place in December 2023. Initial information on the Congress event will be shared with NSOs in the coming period.



In addition, the WSC considered several institutional matters, including amendments to the European Regional Constitution, a review of the regulations for awarding the Bronze Wolf, and a renewal of Council of Protestants in Guiding and Scouting (CPGS) and International Link of Orthodox Christian Scouts (DESMOS) as organizations with consultative status with the WSC.

The WSC agreed to convene its next business meeting in Switzerland at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre from 17 to 19 March 2023. This will also present an opportunity to celebrate KISC’s 100th anniversary next year.

We look forward to sharing ongoing updates to the Scout Movement through ScoutPak and the online members portal as we continue to make progress on the delivery of Vision 2023.