For more than a century, Scouting has been empowering young people, developing their skills and knowledge, fostering self-confidence and resilience, and building character to help them navigate their way through life towards becoming active citizens in society. 

In today’s highly competitive environment - amid increased pressure to secure funding, partners, and greater recognition – it has never been more important to fully understand and demonstrate the extent of Scouting’s impact. We are therefore excited to launch a new WOSM Service that measures the Social Impact of Scouting, a crucial element in maintaining the future success and growth of the Scout Movement.

WOSM’s Social Impact Service will enable National Scout Organizations (NSOs) to assess the impact of Scouting in their respective countries. By accurately measuring and understanding this impact through robust social research, NSOs can improve the educational offerings to young people and demonstrate the benefits of Scouting to internal and external stakeholders – from partners and donors through to policymakers and parents.

At the heart of this ground-breaking Service is a toolkit that NSOs can use to measure Scouting’s contributions to the personal development of young people. Its design and methodology were developed using previous work supported by World Scout Foundation through the Measuring the Impact of Youth Organisations project, a joint collaboration between the European Scout Region, YMCA Europe and Maynooth University, and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and the Eric Frank Trust. The methodology, which was tested and refined through trials by Les Scouts, Scouting Ireland, Sojuz na Izvidnici na Makedonija, Scouterna, Junák – český skaut and YMCA Netherlands, is currently being implementing in five NSOs in the Africa, Arab, Asia-Pacific, and Interamerica regions. To learn more, you can watch a short video and read a web story from the project event.

NSOs can visit the Social Impact Service page on Treehouse to find key resources that introduce impact measurement as well as request a tailored Service to receive support from trained consultants. If you have any further questions related to the Social Impact Service, please contact Chanin "Tom" Chiumkanokchai, Senior Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation with the World Scout Bureau by email at [email protected]

Yours in Scouting,   


Ahmad Alhendawi  
Secretary General   
World Organization of the Scout Movement