In 2020 the Scout Association of El Salvador embarked on a journey to bring to life the Better World Framework initiatives in El Salvador,  with support from a WOSM Services Consultant. Together with a committed team of 10 Rover Scouts, the Scout Association of El Salvador developed guidelines for the national implementation of the Scouts of the World Award and outlined the design and implementation of their first Scouts of the World discovery event. 
The implementation of this gives Scouts in El Salvador the opportunity and guidance to lead a project of their choice that promotes the themes: Peace, Environment and Sustainability, and take community actions on the issue they choose to tackle.

In addition to Scouts of the World Award, over eight months, the team worked with the WOSM Consultant to bring other World Scouting initiatives to be implementing nationally. They developed guidelines as a starting point for World Scouting’s Messengers of Peace, that engages Scouts in peace-building and the Earth Tribe, that involves them in environmental action. The Earth Tribe was launched via webinars targeting local adult Leaders and Scouts who were also involved in the creation of training sessions for local teams to be able to carry out the Earth Tribe Challenges: Champions for Nature, Plastic Tide Turners and Scouts Go Solar. 
Local teams will continue their efforts until all members are familiar and have adopted the initiatives as part of their Scouting activities.

“We did not hesitate for a second, but we knew it would be quite a big challenge; that we’d have to join training sessions late at night, early at dawn and during weekends. Together with Carlos Alvayero, it has been an arduous effort translating and adapting the framework and establishing implementation guidelines, but today we can officially say that we have Earth Tribe Manuals for young people! One more pleasant surprise is that we are the only NSO in the regional to have a guide for Scout Leaders outlining their role in the initiative. To the young people in the country we say that we are here to help you through the process,” expressed Ricardo Ortega, member of the Better World Framework team in El Salvador as he recalls what it took to make El Salvador one of the first countries in the Interamerica Region to adopt the Earth Tribe initiative.

“I can barely express the joy and enthusiasm I feel right now. This work took sweat and effort... All for the Salvadoran youth and for all the scouts in my country. I am happy to be part of a working team that never leaves you behind and is always ready to act”, shared Carlos Alvayero, Ricardo’s colleague.

Adopting the Better World initiatives on a national level allows Scouts everywhere to make an extraordinary contribution to improve the sustainability of our planet by promoting peace, tackling inequality and taking action for the environment. These actions support Scouting’s wider commitment to make the largest youth-led contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through Scouts for SDGs. Scouts are encouraged to visit the Scouts for SDGs digital hub
to log their community service hours and add their projects to inspire their friends and other Scouts to take action for our planet.