We are delighted to share some exciting updates with you! Whether you're a seasoned user of WOSM Services and or a newcomer, our latest improvements will make it easier than ever to find the information you need and feel inspired by the incredible support available to National Scout Organizations (NSOs).

Our updated version of WOSM Services is now available on Treehouse, our new digital space for members, and we've made significant enhancements to the pages for all our services. These improvements make it simpler for you to explore how each of our 12 WOSM Services can benefit your NSO, with features that enable you to filter and search our resources with ease. You can also learn more about our consultants, who play a critical role in making WOSM Services happen.

And that’s not all! We are constantly updating and improving our service content to ensure that we are supporting you in the best way possible. Here are some of the highlights …

  • Spiritual development – Information and requests for this service have been integrated under Youth Programme.
  • Communications has added digital and marketing technology as a new sub-service area. The communications teams sub-service will be replaced with crisis communications
  • Partnerships has been renamed to external relations, in order to better represent the variety of resources and offerings in this service area, including fundraising, advocacy, and partnerships and not just partnerships-related offerings exclusively. 
  • Good governance has added risk management as a new service area.
  • Safe from Harm has restructured its support offer to accommodate the brand new assessment tool that will enable NSOs to assess their compliance against global standards, in line with the constitutional membership requirement approved by the World Scout Conference. 
  • Adults in Scouting has restructured its offering to provide you better support in all areas of the Adults in Scouting life cycle, including recruitment, performance, and decisions for the future.
  • Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT) has removed its external audit service, enabling NSOs to choose either a GSAT self-assessment or request a WOSM Consultant to support a WOSM assessment. What’s more - GSAT will soon launch a third version of its standard to improve how we help NSOs assess the status of their organisational health. Stay tuned for more news! 

We are always happy to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on any existing WOSM Service, so please write us at services@scout.org