Following exhaustive research and an engaging Next Strategy for Scouting Workshop with more than 60 participants from National Scout Organizations (NSOs) and WOSM structures, the World Scout Committee is pleased to release the first draft of the next Strategy for Scouting, known as “Draft 1”.

From now until 1 November 2023, we are actively seeking feedback on the draft strategy from NSO leadership, young people, local adult leaders, WOSM volunteers, World Scout Bureau staff, as well as partners of World Scouting. A series of opportunities at upcoming World Events will be hosted for relevant stakeholder groups, with the next NSO Town Hall on 8 October 2023 serving as a prime opportunity for all NSO leadership to exchange and provide reflections and inputs to the draft strategy.

In addition, NSOs looking to run independent workshops with their National Board, local leaders, and young people in their NSO can gather feedback using the templates provided in our downloadable activity packs and share their feedback through our centralised feedback collector. We hope these activity packs and opportunities for engagement allow as many stakeholders as possible the chance to provide inputs as part of the strategy’s development process. We also offer a discussion space for individual feedback through our dedicated page on Treehouse.

More information about Draft 1, including a video introduction, background paper, schedules for inputs during upcoming World Events, activity packs, and much more can be found on our dedicated webpage at Many of these resources will also be made available in the other WOSM languages of French, Spanish, and Arabic in the coming weeks.

Starting in November, the feedback we receive will be consolidated and considered by the World Scout Committee when developing “Draft 2” of the strategy. We anticipate that this second draft will be released in early 2024, with a final draft presented at the 43rd World Scout Conference in August 2024.

If you have any further questions about the development process for the next Strategy for Scouting, please contact David Berg, Chief Operating Officer at the World Scout Bureau via email at

Yours in Scouting,


Ahmad Alhendawi
Secretary General
World Organization of the Scout Movement