To enhance the effective communication and marketing skills of Scouts, the Public Relations & Marketing (PRM) Division of Bangladesh Scouts conducted a course series about News and Programme Presentation, Photography, and Publishing from February 1 to 4, 2024 to a total of 112 participants. 

Young girl scout calibrating her camera

The training equipped the participants with the essential skills for effective storytelling and content creation while offering each of the participant the opportunity to choose a course that aligns with their interests and expertise. 

Young scout presenting news

The News and Programme Presentation Course includes topics on creating compelling narratives, engaging audiences, asking the right questions, and communicating effectively. 

After joining the News and Programme Presentation course, Karina Jahan shares, “My desire to work in fields that relate to public relations and marketing led me to this course, and now I feel confident about pursuing it in the future.” 

young girl scout taking photos

On the other hand, the Photography Training Course discussed about the essentials of photography principles such as composition, lighting, and editing. Mehedi, a rover participant, felt strongly about using his new learning in his profession,

“Coming to the photography course, I have made quite a few new friends and learned some new things from experienced instructors. Among all these skills, one notable is wedding photography. In the future, I also aspire to utilise this skill and experience professionally.” 

-Mehedi Hasan Maruf

Lastly, the course on Publishing covered the basics of designing a publication such as brochures, flyers, and newsletters. 

young scouts on a group work

Lamia, a female rover, felt empowered after attending this course as it would help her contributing more to her various organisations and clubs. 

“…I frequently needed to hire people for writing, cartoon designing, making digital banners and logos, printing, and publishing, etc. But this course is sure to help me turn the tables. I can now do it all on my own and also enter the world of outsourcing," 

-Lamia Sangida

Through the help of 18 skilled trainers in journalism, photography, language, and graphic design, young people in Bangladesh were able to understand the importance and relevance of these topics to Scouting and beyond. 

scouts editing and publishing

This initiative underscores the commitment of the Bangladesh Scouts to fostering excellence and innovation in communication and marketing practices. 

Scouting empowers young people to navigate life through personal and professional development which enables Scouts to be active citizens wherever they go. Find out more about our Skills for Life Initiative here


Written by Asia-Pacific Regional Correspondent Shakib Khan. Shakib is a Young Adult Leader and Coordinator of Bangladesh Scouts’ National PRM Taskforce