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Europe Support Centre

The recent decision of the World Scout Committee regarding the new geographical boundaries of the European Region will soon change in a rather significant mode the circumstances and context of Scouting in Europe. 

With 6 National Scout Organizations (NSOs) joining the existing 40, the potential of the larger European Region will increase in a greater manner. Geographically, we extend our coverage to another area of almost 20%, we extend our services to an additional 11% of the European population. 

Scouting in the Eurasia Region is active and has answered the needs and expectations of young people in their respective countries for many years - and we are now in the fortunate position to be able to extend our partnerships within the Region by adding those experiences in the common treasure chest of European Scouting. 

Though the specific geo-political context led to a few rather specific conditions for Scouting development in those countries, the majority of concerns, needs and aspirations of Scout associations in the former Eurasian Region are quasi-identical to those of the European associations. Moreover, certain current preoccupations of Scout associations in Europe become even more relevant in a larger context: for example, the work on peace education and dialogue.  

With this view, we are pleased to organise a networking event, open to all interested Member Organizations (MOs) within the newly defined borders of the European Region, with the aim of reinforcing the unity of the aims and aspirations of all European MOs! 

Description and objectives 

The European Networking event is a chance for all NSOs in our Region to discuss and explore the many ways in which they can cooperate and support each other, reinforcing the peer-support and information sharing framework at Regional level.  

It will be a great and timely opportunity to take stock, re-evaluate and appreciate the value and relevance of all partnerships within European Scouting.  

By the end of the event, we expect all representatives of participating MOs: 

  • To have acquired more information about the possibilities of cooperation with others 
  • To have shared their own strengths, expertise and support potential 
  • To have discussed streamlining the exchange of information in an international Scouting setting 
  • To have debated the role of dialogue and peace education in Scouting and the role of international cooperation in it 
  • To have received detailed information of the support WOSM is able to provide for international networks and partnerships 

The agenda will combine sharing sessions, presentations, round tables, keynote addresses, festive and social elements such as dinners and exhibitions, with parallel workshops and round tables to choose from at times. 

The detailed content of the agenda will be defined in close cooperation with the participant MOs, to ensure the presentations and discussions are relevant and productive. 

Participants’ Profile 

The event is open to members of the national leadership in each MO(IC, Chief Volunteers and equivalent), from all European Scout MOs.  


The event will take place in English and translation in French and Russian may be arranged on a case-to-case basis. 

Date and Venue 

The event will take place from 23-26 November 2023 at the European Youth Centre in Budapest in Hungary, a symbolic Council of Europe venue, reputed for the work on cooperation among all European nations. 


The registration form is available here:  

The deadline for registrations is 20 October 2023, after which a final list of participants must be submitted to the venue.  

Participation Fee 

A participation fee of EUR 50 (based on a twin room accommodation) is required to cover the costs of the event. However, the financial aspect should not constitute a barrier to anyone’s participation. If your MO requires additional funding, please use the Regional Support Form here: 


The European Scout Region of WOSM does not cover the risks of participants either during the event or during the travel to or from the venue. Please note that it is the exclusive responsibility of the participant’s MO to check and be sure that the risks of participants are covered by insurance (illness, accidents, repatriation etc…). 

Further Information and Contact 

For any questions or more details please refer to Radu Stinghe, Deputy Regional Director,