Agora 2024

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Europe Support Centre
Calling all Rovers! Join us in Sweden for Agora 2024 – an event for Rovers by Rovers.  
The 2024 edition of Agora, the European Scout Region’s peer-organised event for representatives of the senior age section of Member Organisations, will take place in Tjörnarp, Sweden, at the Göransborg Scout Centre, from 3 to 7 April 2024. The deadline for registration is 8 March 2024.  

Description and objectives  

The WOSM European Agora 2024 is an event run “for Rovers, by Rovers” and uses the Scout Method to reach the educational objectives for the Rover age section. This event looks at important and relevant issues to younger generations today.  
This edition of the Agora, together with the previous edition in 2023, is part of the Erasmus+ Earth Tribe Project, which the Region is currently implementing and is focused on environmental sustainability.  


Throughout Agora 2024, participants will:  
  • Acquire tools to express their ideas in an organised way and design and plan sustainability-related projects that could be implemented at the national or local level.  
  • Learn about different cultures and Rover Programmes in Europe while sharing experiences from their home country.  
  • Realise the impact they, as young people, can have on different aspects of society, whether in Scouting or their community, by giving examples of real experiences.  
  • Participate in activities regarding youth empowerment, encouraging their personal development.  

Date and Venue 

The WOSM Europe Agora 2024 will start on Wednesday, 3 April 2024, and end on Sunday, 7 April 2024. The event will be held at the Göransborg Scout Centre, in Tjörnarp, Sweden.

Participants’ Profile  

Any Rover (16 – 24) from any recognised Member Organization (NSO or NSA) of the European Region of WOSM is welcome to participate at Agora. Participants should be familiar with the Rover Programme in their own NSA or NSO and how it is implemented. They should also be eager to learn, share experiences and be open to different ways of Scouting.  
Also, a particular interest in Environmental Sustainability is highly recommendable.  


The working language of Agora is English to facilitate all exchanges among participants. Being able to communicate in that language effectively is essential to participate.  

Participation Fee  

The standard participation fee is EUR 100. Thanks to the inclusion of Agora 2024 as one of the events of the Earth Tribe Project, financed by ERASMUS+, all participants will be able to benefit from this reduced participation fee as well as from travel support, which can go up to EUR 200.  


Participants must fill out the online registration form to register for the event. Please note that registrations will close on 8 March 2024
The maximum capacity of the event is 60 participants. We seek the maximum diversity of participants from as many of our 46 NSOs as possible.  
Therefore, we can guarantee at least one participant per NSA or NSO only before the registration deadline.  
You might be asked to shortlist fewer endorsed registrations from your NSA/NSO after the deadline. If your NSA/NSO has a preference for who your guaranteed participant is, please let us know via email as soon as possible. 

Planning Team  

The Planning Team of Agora 2024 is formed by Rovers as well as some advisors to the team and is composed of:   
  • Louise Lundbye (Denmark)  
  • Joel Kruse (Sweden)  
  • Víctor Carbonell Tomàs (Spain)  
  • Louise White (Sweden) 
  • Cristina Dubert (Portugal)  
Supported by:  
  • Siri Ankafors - from the Earth Tribe Project Team, European Scout Region  


The European Scout Region of WOSM does not cover participants' risks during the event or travel to or from the venue. Please note that it is the exclusive responsibility of the participant’s national association to check and be sure that the risks of participants are covered by insurance (illness, accidents, repatriation, etc).  

Further Information and Contact  

If you have any questions or require further information about the event, please contact the Planning Team through Louise Lundbye ([email protected]) or Raül Molina ([email protected]) or check our website: