Scouting and Spiritual Development

For many Scouts, faith and beliefs play a central role in their Scouting experience. At the same time, Scouting also strives to be inclusive and respectful of all beliefs and backgrounds. Scouts are encouraged to develop their own beliefs and values, and to respect the beliefs of others. Scouting programmes like the Moot often include activities that promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures and faith traditions.

Soul refreshment can also be achieved through acts of kindness and charity. Faith and beliefs are important aspects of Scouting for many individuals and Scouting around the world. Scouting provides a unique opportunity for young people to explore and develop their beliefs and values, while also learning important skills and developing leadership qualities.

Scouts don't seek to take responsibility for religious development or education, but learning about faiths, beliefs and attitudes can help make the world a more tolerant and less frightening place. Both adults and young people commit to engaging in spiritual development when they make their Promise and become members of the movement.

The spiritual development of all members is an important element of Scouts. Every Scout should be encouraged to follow these five principles of spiritual development: to develop an inner discipline and training, to be involved in group activities with others, to understand the world around them, to help create a more tolerant and caring society, and to discover the need for spiritual reflection.


World Book Day at the Moot

April 23 is World Book Day! Like the Bible and the Koran, Baden-Powell’s Scouting for Boys, a handbook for instruction in good citizenship, has been translated in many countries and languages and inspires Scouts all over the world. The book has been published in at least 62 countries and 44 languages and each year new editions are published worldwide.

BP’s book was revolutionary for its time (1908) and in 2023 in many countries it still is. The book introduced a global set of common values, bridged social classes, and has had impact on millions. Scouting for Boys presents a role model for young people, encourages them to explore nature and challenges them to develop and work in teams.

The book, which led to the world’s largest youth movement – Scouting, also encourages young people to take responsibility and initiative. BP advised that “many have heard about Scouting for Boys, and some even read it, but my advice is to read it once every year and a good day for this might be April 23, Saint Georges Day.” Saint George is the patron Saint of Scouting.

For more information about editions of Scouting for Boys issued worldwide visit


Heard about the Africa Scout Foundation?

Are you a member of the Africa Scout Foundation or would you like to become one?

If so, you're invited to join us for the Africa Scout Foundation Gathering on Monday, 24 April 2023 from 05:00PM (GMT+3) at the WOSM Tent.

The Foundation was established in 1995 to provide the Africa Scout Region with financial support needed for the growth and development of Scouting.

In the meantime, please visit to learn more about the Foundation and donate toady!

By joining the Africa Scout Foundation, you will help more young Africans to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be responsible, self-reliant citizens and dependable leaders of the future.


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