Campfire is Burning

The three Sub camps - Buni, Tatua and Vumbua gathered round campfires despite light showers in the evening. In a great spirit of friendship and diversity, they had fun playing games, dancing, and singing songs in different languages such as Swahili, English, French and German.

Campfires have been an integral part of Scouting since inception. They serve as a focal point for Scouts to gather, bond and share stories. Campfires provide a unique opportunity to showcase talents, from singing songs and telling stories, to performing skits and stunts.

Beyond entertainment, campfires also teach Scouts important life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. As Scouts gather around the fire, they learn to work together to keep it going, and to take turns leading activities. They also learn to listen actively to others and to express themselves confidently.

Moreover, campfires are an opportunity for Scouts from different backgrounds to connect with nature and appreciate the outdoors. The warmth of the fire and the natural setting create a sense of camaraderie and belonging, fostering a love of the great outdoors.

At Buni sub camp they played campfire songs allowing every contingent to make a presentation as they all joined in to enjoy the moment. Despite the long journey from Nyeri, Tatua sub camp also gathered for their campfire in big numbers. Vumbua sub camp was really psyched up and started their campfire earlier than the others. Equipped with musical instruments likes guitars and drums they played and danced happily to different musical tunes. In the end they all dispersed and retreated to their tents to take their rest after a long day full of activities.


Caring for the Earth

On this Earth Day themed “Invest in our Planet” the participants took part in a tree planting exercise at the Nairobi Chapel grounds. Earth Day is an annual event commemorated on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The participants looked happy and quite excited to plant the trees because they knew they are contributing to creating a better ecological environment, not just for themselves but for future generations as well.
Beyond planting the trees, they were taken on a tour of the church and listened to an interesting presentation about how they started and established a lot of more churches in different countries. They also heard about how the Church community also founded an elementary school which made of shipping containers.

Hopefully when we come back in the future, we can see much bigger and stronger trees and sit under their shade,” said Miklos Selley from Hungary.


Moot Voices

We spoke to the leadership of the camp on how the Moot has turned out. Here’s what they said:

Frederic Kama-Kama (Regional Director)

“This Rover section for Scouting in very important. The idea of keeping and supporting them to develop their talents, skills, and competencies so that they can be useful to the society is also the objective of Scouting.”

Anthony Gitonga (Chair, Moot Organizing Committee)

Congratulations to you all. Your names will go down in history as participants of the very first Africa Rover Moot. Many more will be held but as you can imagine, the first will never be forgotten.”

Moses Danda (National Executive Commissioner)

“I am happy that despite the challenges and not getting all what we needed, we crafted the moot in a way we could do it as it is now. The result is just marvelous.”

Ruth Gasson, (Deputy Camp Chief, Administration)

“When you have a good team, everything works out well. For logistics to work, it’s not a one-man show, it’s a team of people who work together.”

Abdallah Waira (Deputy Camp Chief, Programme)

It’s relief now because everything that we had planned is moving smoothly and working as we had hoped.”

Phinehas Muita (Camp Chief)                                                      

I really want to appreciate the team that has given their dedication to the delivery of the moot, to see that the vision and the planning has come to be actualized.”


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Here's how things went down on the seventh day: