Discovering Kenyan Culture

Day 5 of the 1st Africa Rover Moot offered participants yet another amazing experience! They went on a scavenger hunt that took them to the African Wildlife Foundation for conservation education, Kibiko Secondary School, Ngong for tree planting, shopping at Galleria Mall and ending up at the Bomas of Kenya Limited for a Kenyan cultural experience. A group of ISTs also went on a daytrip to Nyeri.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) was founded in 1961 to bring African leadership back to conservation. Scouts from the Tatua sub-camp were excited to explore and learn about the 60 years' journey of visionary conservation leadership at the AWF. The Scouts were welcomed warmly by Ms. Mbaire Kamau, the Senior Youth Officer at AWF. The Foundation uses scientific data and community engagement in conservation to push for policies and training young people to become leaders, restoring ecosystems and the services they provide, and driving conservation back to its original place. The Scouts were later given a tour of some of the recycling plants within the compound and were excited to learn about the innovative ways the Foundation has put in place to reduce its carbon footprint.

At Kibiko Secondary School in Ngong, Kajiado County, the Scouts joined hands with students to plant trees with great energy and enthusiasm. Together planted a variety of trees that will help conserve the environment, provide shade, and support wildlife. This tree-planting exercise is a reminder that small actions can make a big difference in creating a more sustainable future for all of us.

The climax for the day was a visit to the Bomas of Kenya where they got to experience the rich heritage and culture of Kenya. From traditional dances and music to craft-making and storytelling, the Scouts had a blast immersing themselves into the local culture. They learned about the history and traditions of different Kenyan communities and gained a deeper appreciation for the diversity of the country.


He had an amazing day especially planting trees and visiting The Bomas of Kenya. He enjoyed the different dances that were performed and the energy. "Sure, I will miss these moments when I go back home because it was amazing." - Jared (Ethiopia)

She had an opportunity to visit the Mall and shop for a few things. Visiting Bomas was the best as she had a chance to listen to some Kenyan music and also she joined the dancers on the stage and was happy to dance with them. "It was so much fun to dance and we walked around to see the typical homesteads of the Kenyans." - Linda (Austria).

The day was good for her and she was glad to move around the capital City of Kenya. She was astonished to see big airplanes. She enjoyed most dancing at the Bomas of Kenya. The diversity of the Kenyan cultures made her enjoy her stay in Kenya and would love to come back. "Their buildings are looking good and they have cultures different from ours." - Ayans (Rwanda)

These off-site visits are a highlight of the 1stAfrica Rover Moot, as they offer participants the chance to explore new places, learn new things, and connect with local communities. Let's keep exploring, learning, and making memories!


Moot Voices

While in Nyeri we asked a few IST members about their Moot Experience. Here are their thoughts.


An enthusiastic IST from Kisoro District and she was very impressed by being able to have a close look at the personal life of Scouting founder Baden-Powell. His living room, bathroom, terrace was amazing. “I was humbled to be part of his life. At his grave I paid respect to someone who is a big part of my life.” - Hana Georgina (Uganda)

Carlos Monteiro (Capo Verde) said that his visit to Nyeri made him even more committed and motivated to Scouting and to give more. “Being in his house was a dream come true. I came to the source”. At the resting place of BP he realised that nothing in this world is forever, not even for a great man like him.

Mangi Nduba (DRC Congo) said that his visit to the tomb of the founder Baden-Powell in Nyeri made him think about when he was  a Boy Scout himself and he remembered all the stories about BP. “When I am back in Lumbumbashi I will tell my scouts that a dream came true”.


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Here's how things went down on the fifth day: