Circular No. IAR-C14-2023-EN
Celebration of International Environment Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Scouting:

Greetings from Panama City, Panama.

International Environment Day is a date of great importance celebrated on June 5 every year. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 during the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. This celebration aims to raise awareness among the world's population about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.

WOSM launched Earth Tribe 3 years ago, allowing us to make visible and promote a culture of care and preservation of the Planet. That is why today we want to echo and let more people know about the Earth Tribe through the Scouts that are part of the Interamerican Scout Region.

We have designed a campaign so that all Scouts who want to join these actions to promote the Earth Tribe can report and receive a certificate.


  • Promote environmental awareness actions through the Earth Tribe initiative in schools, churches, and community centers.
  • Promote local actions that generate regional impact.


It starts from its launching on May 19, 2023, until June 30, 2023.


We will promote the Campaign widely through the social media of the Interamerican Scout Region, and we ask you to replicate it in yours.

In addition, we ask that this information reaches the Scout groups; our idea is to make all the Scouts' actions visible in the framework of International Environment Day, sharing this crucial global initiative with as many people as possible. To do so, you must upload your stories to


  1. Environment Day is important because it reminds us of the need to care for our Planet and promote environmental awareness worldwide. The Scouts, through the Earth Tribe initiative, strive to educate young people about environmental issues and how to take action to protect our Planet.
  2. The Scouts of the Interamerican Scout Region act and generate awareness actions on environmental protection.
  3. As a leading non-formal education organization, Scouting develops global programs such as the Earth Tribe in which all young people can participate.


You can find the necessary information in the following link:

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact Susana Salguero at

Yours in Scouting,


Raúl Sánchez Vaca
Regional Director
World Scout Bureau
Interamerica Support Centre